addressing mobility and practical challenges within the occupational medicine industry

At Smart Practitioners we deliver professional and expeditious occupational health care services, both at our practice in Bellville in the Western Cape as well as on site at customer premises. That said, we truly pride ourselves in contributing so much more by resolving mobility and practical challenges within the wider, even international occupational medicine industry.

With extensive OMP and OHNP experience in the field, Smart Practitioners is perfectly positioned to present occupational medicine with strict regard for legislation and government requirements. Where we offer standard services such as full medical evaluations, ECG’s, multi-drug tests, spirometry, audiometry and more, our OMP’s tend to on site surveillance services for more than 20 local blue chip customers. We further offer value adding training and awareness services and will gladly consider any request for specific support.

Given our substantial industry expertise, Smart Practitioners is further perfectly positioned to continue developing and expanding our in-house product offering, Smart Occupational Services (SOS). SOS is hosted as a service (SaaS) and while it provides practical solutions for employers, occupational medical practitioners and occupational health nursing practitioners, government and inspectors enjoy great value in specially crafted reporting and other capabilities.

SOS facilitates secure central record keeping, accessibility and standardization. While SOS ultimately enables employers to conform to health and safety legislation, it pro-actively addresses wellbeing of employees while significantly contributing to company productivity and quality of service within the mining, construction, manufacturing and more industries.

SOS benefits include standardization, scalability, sustainability, secure storage management, reliability, lowering TCO and capital expenditure, device and location independence, effortless agile deployment and last but certainly not least, an economical pay as you use cost model.


Smart Practioners was founded by Drs. Neil van Tonder and Michael West of West & Van Tonder, in association with Kobus Smit of Smart Africa. Both Neil and Michael are respected veterans in the occupational medicine industry. Given their extensive experience in the field together with their intimate knowledge of legislation and government requirements, Smart Practitioners is therefore perfectly positioned to offer a best of breed service. Their industry expertise coupled with Kobus’ software product industry expertise further positions Smart Practitioners to continually refine and develop a practical but effective software as a service (SaaS) namely SOS.

Our customer base includes a range of blue chip companies within all industries in South Africa as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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